Tips for buying Tech Gadgets and Electronics Online

  1. Always buy Electronic gadgets from Authorized websites like Amazon, and Flipkart.
  2. You can research and compare the prices of the product on different websites before purchase. We always recommend you to buy expensive electronics during the festive season to get maximum discount.
  3. Check the customer's rating and reviews before making any purchase. 3.5 to 5 Start is a good rating parameter.
  4. Don't pay in advance to anyone who is selling products on social media platforms.
  5. Warranty period of a product is also a very important thing to check before buying gadgets.
  6. Alway check the return policy of the product before buying because few sellers don't accept returns or exchanges.

Latest Technology News

  1. OnePlus Nord 3 5G may launch soon with these Specifications (Check Out)
  2. Google Pixel 7A: Is it worth buying? | Check its features to Decide Now.
  3. Crystal 4K Neo TV has been launched by Samsung in India. It has some cool features like a 43-inch display, HDR10, and Dolby digital plus technology.
  4. Apple Announces Assistive Touch for Apple Watch, Eye-Tracking Features on iPad Among Other Accessibility Updates.
  5. Nothing Phone is about the launch its 1st mobile phone on July 12. It may have Snapdragon 778G processor and the price could be Rs 30,000.
  6. OnePlus Nord 2T has been launched at a price under Rs 30,000. It is slightly better compared to OnePlus Nord 2 and comes with an 80W fast charger.

Trending Technology You Should Know in 2023

Chat GPT is the trending technology on the internet today. It's an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. This AI software uses supervised and reinforcement learning technics to improve itself. You can use this tool to generate responses on any topic like programming, articles, emails, poetry, lyrics, rewriting, and any other human tasks. This tool is free to use and saves your time. Google has also introduced its new AI tool (BARD) based on LaMDA

WEB3 is an upcoming evolution of the world wide web, It's based on a blockchain technology platform which is decentralized eg. Bitcoin. It helps to enhance data security, scalability, and privacy. WEB3 gives equal access to everyone and it uses cryptocurrency for payment that does not require any third-party infrastructure.

How to Get Updates of New Tech Gadgets?

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