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Goqii Smart Watch : Detailed Review, Price and Features

GOQii has launched its new GOQii Smart Vital Watch with amazing technology to monitor oxygen level, body temperature, activity tracking, notification, heart rate, and BP monitor. 

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch Detailed Review and Features Explained

I have been using this watch since last month and like to share my experience with this  Vital Fitness Watch. In terms of the features, it is best in this segment. but there are a few limitations that we are going to discuss here.

Few important features to consider.

1) Quickly Monitor Oxygen Levels (spO2) 

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch : Oxygen level calculate

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch has a built-in spO2 Sensor to measure oxygen levels. It displays an accurate percentage of oxygen level in your blood. Our body needs a good amount of oxygen to work properly. Sensor projects infrared light direct into capillaries in your Wrist. Then it calculates how much light is reflected off the gases. 

The normal range of oxygen levels is from 95% to 100%, and below 90% is considered to be low. It is very useful for those doing physical activity, mountain tracking, and hiking, and also beneficial for high-altitude areas like Leh Ladakh. High altitude areas can cause low oxygen levels in your body due to low atmospheric pressure. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch can help to monitor oxygen levels during all conditions.

2 ) Measures Body Temperature Quickly

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch: Detailed Review and Features Explained

There are only a few Smartwatches available in India that can measure body temperature. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch has a built-in sensor to measure Body Temperature quickly. The range of normal body temperature can be anywhere from 97 F to 99 F. You can measure your body temperature anytime and anywhere and it is more convenient than a regular thermometer.

3) Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

GOQii Smart Vital Watch : Review and Features Explained

GOQii Smart Vital Watch uses light to measure your pulse. It projects light into the blood vessels and then detects the changes in blood volume when the heart beats every time. When we do work out, our muscles need extra oxygen, which means your heart has to start pumping faster, Resulting in a high heart rate. This Smart Vital Fitness Watch is capable to monitor heart rate throughout the day and you can see and compare the data from the GOQii fitness application.

4) Multiple Exercise Modes

GOQii Smart Vital Watch : Review and Features Explained

"GOQii Smart Vital Watch" comes with 18 exercise modes and monitors them in real-time. These modes can be activated quickly with just one tap and display accurate reading. You can also view detailed stats of the day, weeks, months, and years. This data is useful to track your calorie burned count while doing the different workouts.  

5) Blood Pressure Monitor

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch 

GOQii Smart Vital watch can calculate BP and show reports in a few seconds. It reads your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. You get the detailed report directly on the GOQii mobile app linked with a smartwatch. 

6) Quick notifications on Smartwatch

GOQii Smart Vital Watch : Review and Features Explained

GOQii SmartWatch displays all notifications of calls, WhatsApp, messages. You will also get notified of inactivity alerts, weather information, alarms, and reminders to stay hydrated. All the notifications can be customized from mobile applications.

7) Color Display of 1.3" inch 

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Watch has a 1.3-inch color touchscreen display with 240 x 240 pixels. The display looks vivid and bright enough to see clearly during daylight. Its responsive touch is smooth to control the functions of the watch. 

8) Music Control 

This Smart Vital Fitness Watch has a feature to control music with just 1 tap that means you don't have to look into your phone every time you want to change the soundtrack. It also has a feature to find your phone, just in case you misplace it. 

9) Waterproof Fitness Watch

GOQii Smart Vital Watch : Review and Features Explained

It is Water and dust resistance with an IP68 rating which means you can wear it during all weather conditions and while swimming as well. GOQii Smart Vital Watch has an international standard rating of IP68 which means the watch is protected from withstanding dust, dirt, and sand, and it is water resistance up to 1.5m underwater for thirty minutes.

10) GOQii Ecosystem Coaches Doctors

GOQii Smart Vital Watch : Review and Features Explained

GOQii also has developed an ecosystem mobile application where you get 3 months of free personal coaching and consultancy from doctors. You will also get an option to choose your wellness expert, nutritionist, and personal trainer to guide you and support you in the right direction towards your fitness. You can also track health and activity data on the GOQii application.

Our Final Review and Rating 

GOQii Smart Vital Watch has so many features as mentioned above in this price range. It has 3.9 out of 5 ratings given by 6,413 users on amazon India. But there are a few things that you should know before buying this watch. 

  1.  It does not have any GPS facility.
  2.  1.1 Centimeters thickness feels bulky on the wrist.
  3.  Limited watch faces.
  4.  BP monitor needs improvement.
  5.  Lacks camera remote control.
  6. Price- 7/10
  7. Quality- 6/10
  8. Features- 8/10
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