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Mini UAV Drone With Camera for Aerial Videography

Mini UAV Drone With Camera for Aerial Videography

This is the Mini UAV Drone With Camera that can be used for aerial videography. It can be connected with your smartphone via Wi-Fi to use all the controls of the drone. It can fly up to 50 feet and you can see live footage from the drone’s camera to your smartphone. This mini UAV drone is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry in your pocket. 

Although it does not have great video quality. But, you will enjoy playing with this mini UAV drone. More feature and specification about this Mini Drone is listed below.

Features of Mini UAV Drone With Camera

  1. It can be controlled with your smartphone.
  2. It uses a wifi signal to control this Drone.
  3. The weight of this Drone is only 100 grams.
  4. You can see live footage of Drone on your smartphone.
  5. The maximum flying height is 50 feet.