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Digital Thermometer


Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Smile Mom, Non Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer.

  • 1, Measuring distance: 3.0 CM -5.0 CM. Easily switch between °C and °F. 
  • 2, It is designed for all ages- adults, infants, babies and elders. 
  • 3, Equipped with a clear LED Digital Screen and large operating buttons. 
  • 4, Measure body temperature within 1.0 seconds and the accuracy is ±0.2°C(0.4°F). 
  • 5, Measure- body temperature, water equipment, room temperature, milk temperature. 
  • 6, 3 Colour change light display. Automatic shutdown function 20 seconds".

Digital Infrared Thermometer Features

  •  1, Non-contact thermometers using infrared rays to identify the surface temperature of an object by measuring the energy level of the infrared rays emitted from the object without physically contacting. 2, Ergonomic design, simple and generous appearance. 
  • 3, Non-contact high precision measurement, clean and hygienic. 
  • 4, The infrared sensor is imported to ensure the accuracy. 
  • 5, One key to switch temperature/temperature, convenient and practical. 
  • 6, groups of memory storage, a key query, simple and practical. 
  • 7, Temperature deviation adjustment, convenient for users to adjust daily. 
  • 8, Temperature unit adjustable, convenient for different user habits. 
  • 9, Automatic shutdown function".