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    Air Sofa Cum Bed : 5 In 1 Lounge Cum Bed Inflatable


    Air Sofa Cum Bed

    The Smart Air Beds 5 x 1 Inflatable Sofa Bed can be: An air bed perfect for two or three people as a short term sleeping solution A raised air bed that measures great for a temporary bed for one A relaxing lounger - from the air bed position, just inflate the back and armrests A sturdy recliner - take the lounger and flip it over so the arm/backrest is sitting on the ground And of course, a spacious three-person sofa Five uses from one product - hence the name 5 x 1 The Smart Air Beds 5 x 1 In

    included absolutely FREE with your purchase are a detachable and a lightweight carry bag to take everything with you. When you are finished using the product, deflation and storage is a snap.

    When it's all said and done, the item is no bigger than an average gym bag! Who Buys a Smart Air Beds 5 x 1 Inflatable Sofa Bed ??? People who have overnight guests College students People with small living quarters People with guest homes or rec rooms 

    People looking for something different as patio or pool furniture Campers People who are having construction on their home and need temporary furniture Military people and other people in industries where they may move or travel a lot YOU!

    Dimensions: SIZE 193cm X 152 cm X 64 cm / 76" X 60 " X 25 "

    5 in 1 Best Way Air sofa If you are looking for more than "just an air bed", then the Smart Air Beds 5 x 1 Inflatable Sofa Bed is probably the right piece of inflatable furniture for you.

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