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    Apple/Fruit Peeler Machine for Kitchen

    AppleFruit Peeler Machine for Kitchen

    AppleFruit Peeler Machine for Kitchen

    This gadget is perfect for peeling apples, potatoes, and many other fruits and vegetables in large quantities, because of its convenient design and ease of use. It is lightweight and compact in design to store easily in your kitchen. 

    Generally, People eat an apple after removing the outer skin because of Food-grade wax. This machine takes only 10 Seconds to perfectly Peel a single apple and the process is completely Hygenic.  This automatic peeler is specially designed to remove only the outer layer, not the pulp. This machine can save time and improve your efficiency in the kitchen. more features and details are listed below to consider.

    Apple/Fruit Peeler Machine Features

    1. Lightweight and compact design to store easily.
    2. The weight of the product is 265 Grams.
    3. It is suitable for Fruits and vegetables.
    4. Good quality plastic that is easy to clean.
    5. Product dimensions are 15 x 18.5 x 11 Centimeters.

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