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Atta ,Dough and Bread Maker


Atta ,Dough and Bread Maker

This  Atta, Dough, and Bread Maker is very useful for the kitchen. This is a complete hygienic process and time-saving. Bake bread and knead dough hygienically with LIFELONG Atta Maker and Bread Maker. 

The automatic kneading, baking, and fermenting operations eliminate the hassles of kneading atta dough with hands, making the process completely hygienic and convenient. Whether you need freshly made loaves of bread, fruit cake, or some jam, this bread maker will do everything for you.

 Atta, Dough, and Bread Maker Features

  • Makes it convenient to make chapattis and puris with its automatic mixing and kneading
  • Customize ingredients by using different types of flour and treat yourself to delicious, healthy varieties of bread such as Brown, Wheat or Oats Bread
  • LCD display with 19 digital customized programs - Basic Bread | Quick Bread | Sweet Bread | French Bread | Whole-Wheat Bread | Rice Bread | Gluten-Free Bread | Dessert | Poori Atta | Pizza Dough | Chapatti Atta | Cake | Jam | Yogurt | Bake | Sticky Rice | Rice Wine | Defrost | Stir-Fry.
  • Adjustable crust control - light, medium, and dark. Easy to operate and its detachable components make it easy to clean and store.
  • Warranty: 1-year domestic warranty on manufacturing defects.

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