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    Folding Chair Stick


    Folding Chair Stick

    This Folding chair Stick is very useful for an old person. It can be converted into a chair within a second and made up of good quality aluminum which is lightweight and strong.

    This Folding Chair Stick Features

    • Light in weight but provides good support
    • Anti-slip pods provide good grip on any surface
    • Sturdy portable seat
    • Easy to fold
    • A user of 80kgs and less can sit on it comfortably (though the bearing weight capacity of the product is higher)

    Folding Chair Stick Review by users (3.9/5)

    • The seat is too small and unstable in an open position for sitting. Might be risky for older people. Good build quality and materials.
    • This walking stick/Seat combination is very handy and useful in travels. Even on Airports
      Worth its value. Great design
    • Height is not adjustable 

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