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    LED Ring Light For Mobile : Perfect for Selfies


    LED Ring Light For Mobile

    This LED Ring Light For Mobile is perfect for taking good Selfies and videos. It has 3 Brightness mode and the battery is rechargeable. This ring light is affordable and can be used as a torch. It is very easy to use, just clip on your phone and press the power button. It is made up of ABS material and battery backup is excellent. It has a compact size so you can take this anywhere you want. More details about this are listed below.

    LED Ring Light For Mobile Features

    • This selfie ring light is made from good quality plastic, durable and shockproof
    • Continuous LED light, no heat, and with a bright light in the low light scene
    • SELFIE RING LIGHT 3 highlight LED bulbs
    • This is perfect for photography and videography, with Continuous LED light, 
    • no heat and a bright light in a low light scene.
    • Inbuilt rechargeable power battery.

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