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    Portable Mini Refrigerator for Car & Home 5L


    Mini Refrigerator for Car & Home 5L

    This is a  portable mini refrigerator that you can use in your car or at home.  It has a 5 liter of capacity Which means it can fit 2 bottles of 0.5L or 6 Cans. It also comes with the AC and DC cables for home as well as car usage. It uses Thermoelectric cooling  Technology to cool down the temperature and does not require any type of maintenance. This Mini Refrigerator is lightweight compact in size and can be used in hot and cold mode, more features and specifications about this gadget are listed below.

    Mini Refrigerator Features to consider

    1. It has Thermoelectric cooling Technology.
    2. Easily Fits 2 bottles of 0.5L or 6 Cans.
    3. Cooling performance 20-22 degrees below ambient temp.
    4. It has a dual model Hot & Cold.
    5. It does not have any compressor.
    6. This Mini Refrigerator maintenance is maintenance-free.
    7. Can be used as Car Fridge & Home Mini Fridge.
    8. Voltage: 12/24 volts DC and 110-240 volts AC
    9. The Weight of this product is 2 kg 900 grams.
    10. Take it along wherever you GO.
    11. It comes with AC and DC cord for easy usage.
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