Electric Shoes and Clothes Dryer 2 in 1

Now you can Quickly Dry your shoes and clothes in few minutes with the help of this electric Dryer. It is compact, lightweight, and safest to dry valuable shoes, socks, and clothes. This is considered to be an essential gadget while traveling during winters and rainy season. It comes with few attachments that help to use this device multipurpose. This shoe dryer has an auto switch button to protect against overheat or any type of damage. It is made up of ABS plastic and good quality electronic components. This is an innovative product that everyone should try at once. More features and specs are listed below.

Features of Electric Shoes and Clothes Dryer

  1. Fast dry suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, infant wear, and shoes.
  2. This gadget is suitable for travelers.
  3. Auto-switch every 3hrs protect from overheat.
  4. In the box, you will get Clothing Drying Hanger, Shoes Tube, Power Adapter.
  5. Maximum Loading weight up to  5 Kg.
  6. This machine takes 2-3 minutes in starting for hot air.
  7. Dimension of this product is 420 * 80 * 200mm