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    Quick Shoes Dryer Machine

    Quick Shoes Dryer Machine

    Now you can quickly dry your shoes with help of this electric Shoe Dryer Machine. It is compact, lightweight, and safest to dry valuable shoes, socks, and clothes. This is considered to be an essential gadget while traveling during winters and the rainy seasons. 

    It comes with a few attachments that help to use this device multipurpose. This shoe dryer is compatible with all types of shoes like sports, boots, loafer, sandals, sneakers, and formal shoes. You can also use this dryer machine for socks. This is an innovative product that everyone should try at once. More features and specs are listed below.

    Features of Electric Shoes and Clothes Dryer

    1. The heating time of this shoe dryer is 3 minutes only.
    2. The temperature range is 40°C+-5/75°C+-5.
    3. This shoe dryer is compatible with all types of shoes.
    4. It comes with a long power cord for easy usage.
    5. Useful product during winters and rainy season.
    6. It comes in multiple colors Green, orange, and yellow.
    7. Made up of high-quality ABS material.
    8. It can save your time up to 80%.

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