Self Stirring Coffee Mug

This Self Stirring Coffee Mug is very useful to mix the liquid automatically. It is operated by 2 batteries underneath the cup. It is very useful to mix sugar without using a spoon. 

Self Stirring Coffee Mug Features

  • Is The Best Way To Stir And Take Your Coffee And Your Favorite Beverage, Such As Chocolate, Milk Tea, Or Cocoa. Suited For Any Beverage.
  •  A Fluid Self-Stirring Technology That Makes It Different From Any Other Self-Stirring Cup.
  • Simply Press The Button Once To Start The Automatic Stirring. Press It Again To Stop The Stirring.
  • For Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Protein Shakes, Lemonade, Bouillon And Many Other Light Mix Drinks That You Can Stir.

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