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    Two Sided Window Cleaner Tool - Home Gadgets

    Two Sided Window Cleaner Tool - Home Gadgets

    Window cleaning is a difficult task if you are living in apartments because there is no way to clean windows from the outside. 

    Two-side window cleaner is a perfect solution to this problem. It has strong magnetic features which help to clean the window from inside and outside at the same time. This cleaning tool is compatible with 3-8mm thickness of glass.

    This widow cleaning tool has a cotton squeegee and a rubber wiper for quick and efficient cleaning. You will also get a safety cord for outside cleaning. More features and specs about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of Two-Side Window Cleaner 

    1. This window cleaner has built-in magnets.
    2. It is capable to clean windows from the inside and outside.
    3. This cleaning tool comes with a safety cord.
    4. It has 2 rubber wipers for quick cleaning.
    5. Easy to use for large window areas in apartments, floors, and buildings.
    6. Compatible with all glasses having a thickness of  3-8 mm.
    7. Recommended for Windows, fish tanks, and mirrors. 
    8. The triangular design helps to clean corners.
    9. Made up of high-quality ABS material which is durable.
    10. It has 10 days returnable policy
    11. online rating is 4.3 out of 5 given by 4000 customers.
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