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    Ceiling Fan with Remote Control


    Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

    This Remote control ceiling fan is very useful for your home. Now you can control airflow with just one click of the remote. It has an LED light indicator to display fan speed. This ceiling fan silent performance and can be turned into boost mode.

    The fans can be connected to the regular  AC  supply that is distributed in the main households in India however the ventilator runs internally on 24V DC. Due to the use of BLDC technology the fans consume only 28 W  at the highest speed and only about 6  W  at the lowest speed Compared to an ordinary induction ceiling fan  Atomberg Renesa can save up to Rs1500 /Year on your electricity bills.

    Ceiling Fan with Remote Control Features

    • Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor: Consumes only 28W on the highest Speed.
    • SAVE UP TO Rs. 1500 PER YEAR on your electricity bill with each fan.
    • RUNS 3 TIMES LONGER ON INVERTER BATTERY as compared to an ordinary Induction fan.
    • SMART REMOTE with features like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, and Timer mode.
    • 3 YEARS WARRANTY: 2 Years onsite warranty + 1 Year Extended warranty on registration.
    • HIGH-SPEED FANS: Output Parameters at par than that of a normal Ceiling Fan.
    • LED INDICATION FOR SPEED: Can also be used as a night lamp.
    • NO REGULATOR NEEDED: The speed of the fan can be changed by just toggling the On/OFF switch.
    • INVERTER STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Runs consistently at the same speed even with fluctuating input voltage.
    • Can be used in the LIVING, DINING ROOM, and BEDROOM. Ideal for a room size of Up to 140 Sq.ft; Sleek Motor & Longer blades for better performance.

    Ceiling Fan with Remote Control Specs

    • Item Weight: 4 kg 180 g.
    • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 50 x 23 x 20 Centimeters.
    • User rating 4.2/5 Star.
    • Manufacturer: Atomberg Technologies.

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