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Heavy Furniture Lifter and Mover Tool

Heavy Furniture Lifter and Mover Tool

This Furniture Lifter and Mover Tool make it very easy to move heavy furniture or home appliances. It is made up of strong material which long-lasting. It comes with four moving pads and 1 lifter. It is very easy to use and compatible with all types of furniture and heavy appliances. It is also used by many companies where heavy items need to be moved. More detail about this product is listed below.

Heavy Furniture Lifter and Mover Tool Features

  • It comes with four corners moving wheel and each moving wheel below the four small wheels
  • It can hold 200 kg/440Lbs, so you can easily move heavy objects.
  • It is made up of  ABS + High-quality steel
  • It has 60 Degree rotatable sliders, which are flexible for moving, Surface Protection.
  • Package included: 1x Furniture Shitting Tool, 4x Wheeled Corner Movers.

Easy Furniture Shifting Tool Set is a remarkable choice for Moving Furniture, making it feasible to transport together along with your very own strength. You'll be surprised at how an awful lot simpler it's far to transport furnishings and different heavy objects! 

It is all you may ever want to transport massive and heavy furnishings like beds, couches, drawers, cabinets, fridges, and a lot more! Whether you are cleansing up otherwise you simply need to re-layout your house, there is no furnishings you can not circulate into place.

 Each transferring wheel may be loaded with 200kg/440Lbs. A protecting rubber tip might not harm furnishings. You do not need to fear approximately the furnishings transferring or rearrangement can be a chance or catastrophe on your home's beautiful (and expensive) flooring or furnishings.

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