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    Hidden Camera Detector Tool | Spy cam Finder

    Best Hidden Camera Detector Tool

    This Hidden Camera Detector Tool is very useful for Travelers because It helps to protect your privacy wherever you go. This device can detect all types of hidden cameras day and night with the help of infrared technology. 

    It has built-in infrared lights which help you to see hidden cameras during the dark. This hidden camera detector is also equipped with a vibration detector and alerts quickly more detail about this device is listed below.

    Hidden Camera Detector Features

    1. This camera detector also has an anti-stealing alarm system.
    2. It can charge in 2 hours and provide backup for 9~10 hours.
    3. The weight of this product is 30 grams only.
    4. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere.
    5. It has a loud alarm with a 120 dB sound.
    6. 12-Month product replacement Warranty.
    7. The battery capacity of this product is 250mA.
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