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    Hidden Secret Book Safe Locker

    Hidden Secret Book Safe Locker


    Now you can keep all your important stuff in this Hidden Secret Book Safe Locker. It looks like a book from the outside but from inside it is a locker with a key. 

    It has an Inconspicuous Design of Dictionary which looks like a Genuine Book. You can keep this locker in between your books for unidentified. Easy to carry while traveling, It's Perfect To Store Away Those Valuables Fit A Wallet Passport And Small Items, Like Cash, Jewelry, Cards, etc.

    Rating - 4.6/5 by 1,516 Users

    Hidden Secret Book Safe Locker Features

    • Colours Available - Blue / Black / Maroon / Brown
    • The metal safe was hidden inside a book
    • Two keys included
    • Fits Into The Bookshelf Nicely
    • its Dimension: ( 240 x 155 x 55mm )
    • Inconspicuous Design

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