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Magic Tablet Coin Tissue Towel


This Magic Tablet Coin Tissue Towel is perfect for travelers and it takes very little space. It is easy to use and the price is very economical. You need to just pour some water on Magic Tablet Coin Tissue Towel and watch the tissue that will unfold. It is a unique environment-friendly product that can be used on the total globe.

Magic Tablet Coin Tissue Towel

Tablet tissue is a concept to provide your guests with a hot or cold towel in a Stylish and innovative way. the compressed tablet tissue will expand into a full-size napkin when a little water is added, which changes the common use of a napkin into an entertaining experience.

Magic Tablet Coin Tissue Towel Features

  • Pour some water and Wet tissue is ready to use.
  • Ideal product for home, office, restaurants, hospitals, schools, picnic, camping, travel.
  • Made from 100% natural fibers, safe for skin.
  • We can insert the tissue in other types of liquids to us it is as a functional tissue.
  • Easy to carry (due to its size).
  • Country of Origin: India.
  • Soft, unbleached, undyed, and unscented.Perfect for Face, Body, and Sensitive Skin.
  • Easy to carry & to maintain hygiene each piece is packed in a handy pouch.

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