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    Magic Tissue Towel 100 pcs


    Magic Tissue Towel 100 pcs

    Everyone should have Magic Tissue Towel in their pocket always. It requires a few drops of water and your wet towel is ready to be used. This compressed tissue towel comes in white color and a pack of 100 pieces. It is Made from 100% natural fiber which is safe for the skin. You can carry this in your pocket, bag, and purse. It is a hygienic product and perfect for traveling, camping, and hiking. This compressed tissue towel can be used with hot and cold water according to your requirement. More features and specs about this product are listed below.

    Magic Tissue Towel 100 pcs Features

    • Pour some water and Wet tissue is ready to use.
    • Ideal product for a picnic, camping, traveling.
    • Made from 100% natural fibers, safe for skin.
    • It can be used with hot and cold water.
    • Compact in size and easy to carry.
    • Country of Origin: India.
    • 100% hygienic product.
    • safe for all types of skins.
    • Rating is 4.2 out of 5 and recommended by amazon.

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