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Multi-function Key Organizer Holds Upto 16 Keys

Multi-function Key Organizer Holds Upto 16 Keys

This Multi-function Key Organizer can hold up to 16 keys in a small space. This key holder is made up of a zinc alloy which is Impact resistant and rest proof. If you always carry many keys in your pocket then this is the perfect tool for you to organize your keys in one place.

It also has a bolt opener of four different sizes. It is a very slim design so that it will not take much space in your pocket a more detail about this keyholder is listed below.

This Multi-function Key Organizer has Four practical features all in one compact package

  • key organizer. 
  • Bottle opener, 
  • phone stands 
  • Nut Bolt opener

Multi-function Key Organizer Features

  • These tools will Always in handy at your workplace/offices
  • Durability the body frame is made of significantly high impact resistant material zinc alloy. 
  • The screws have anti-loosening washers to prevent your keys from falling and safely keep all your keys together. 
  • The extremely durable body frame is 1.55mm thick.
  • Now you don't have to carry a bulky mess of keys 
  • It doesn't make any noise as other key chain does.
  • Now you don't have to struggle to find the right key in your pocket.
  • Easy to assemble your keys we provide a assemble demonstration in the package content.
  • You don't need to have a screwdriver to assemble. 

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