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Portable Folding Stool For Travelling


Portable Folding Stool For Camping Hiking Travelling

This Folding Stool is very useful for outdoor use. It is very lightweight and can hold a Weight Upto 130 KG. This Portable stool is idle for camping, Hiking, and traveling. It is water and climate-proof. This stool is very easy to fold and unfold. It comes with a strap that helps to hold this stool like a sling bag. 

This product is ideal for Indian people who travel daily by train because Generally, people don't get seats on a bus or metro train. More specifications and features about this product are listed below.

Portable Folding Stool Features

  • The Portable Folding Stool is adjusted to the specified height ( high and low) as per Requirements.
  • The folding stool is formed of a polymer, a fabric that is thought for its resistance and sturdiness and might resist all types of climatic conditions and it comes in different colors and designs. 
  • The telescopic body of the stool is made from 120 segments that form together with a strong and flexible basis while the optimal balance between weight, dimensions, and strength is maintained. Special design allows this sturdy folding stool to effortlessly hold up to 130 KG.
  • The stool is absolutely transportable and lightweight.
  •  It solely weighs two.1.25 KG, you'll be able to take it anyplace with no burden. it's Compact designed with a portable adjustable strap in order that you'll be able to take it out simply like taking a purse. 
  • This Portable Folding Stool is straightforward to use. you'll be able to open it by holding each end and propulsion to open with slight turning them. appropriate for a spread of indoor and doors activities.

Portable Folding Stool Specification 

  1. Material: Poly-amide plastic 
  2. Height: 17.9"(45cm) 
  3. 12 positions Seat dimensions: 
  4. 10"(25cm) diameter 
  5. Maximum load: 130KG 
  6. Weights: 1.25KG 
  7. Strap length: 43"(110cm)