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Smallest Gas Stove Burner

Smallest Gas Stove Burner

This Smallest Gas Stove Burner is really useful for camping. It is very portable and capable of cooking any dishes. This Gas Stove Burner is lightweight and rust-free.

 Smallest Gas Stove Burner Features

  • This windproof outdoor stove is made from water-resistant materials. 
  • portable design, ideal equipment for camping, or other outdoor activities.
  • An easily operated stove with fold-out pot supports folded up an only small size, enable it to pack away into its own storage container.
  • Delicate burner, strong firepower, Boiling time for 1L of water 3.5 mins.
  • Easy burner control using a built-in flame adjuster, can accurately adjust the small fire.
  • Built Material: Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Iron, Plastic.

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