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Waterproof T-Shirt : Quick Dry and breathable material

Waterproof T-Shirt

 This waterproof T-shirt has a hydrophobic property. This T-shirt repels all types of liquid and dust. It is made up of breathable material which feels comfortable during the all-weather season. The fabric adopts nanotechnology that repels water or any type of liquid. It is lightweight and comes in all available sizes.

You can wear this t-shirt in the rainy season to show off the power of real waterproofing. It is perfect for camping, hiking, and cycling. More features and specs about this waterproof T-shirt are listed below.

  • The fabric has nanotechnology properties.
  • It repellent oil-water or any liquid.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.
  • Waterproof trunk, cool and soft.
  • Minimalist design concept, return to the original beauty.
  • Shopping, gatherings, workplaces are all suitable for wearing.

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