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    7 Thing to check when buying a camera | Help Guide

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    So, there are 7 Things to check when buying a camera. These Specifications are important and can make a difference in your photography and videography.

    1) Camera Sensor Size Check 

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    It is the First Thing to check when buying a camera. sensor size is key to get good image quality.SO always remember "Bigger the sensor better the image quality".

     Generally, the camera comes with either of these 2 types of sensors: CMOS and CCD. CMOS is a better sensor that provides g good image quality and l less expensive as compared to CCD. 

    2)  Check Type of Sensor in the camera 

    The sensor comes in two types: Full Frame and cropped frame or APS-C. Full frame DSLR is more expensive Because it has the largest sensor size(35 MM 1.0 Sensor ). These types of cameras are perfect for photographers and filmmakers. Cropped frame sensors(<35 MM) are smaller in size generally we get that sensor in a budget level DSLR. It is an important thing to check when buying a camera.

    3) Resolutions Real Meaning Explained

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    Resolution is a measurement of details captured in a video or photo.  if you are capturing a photo with a pixel of 300 X 4000, the resolution is 2000 X 4000  = 8000000 (8 Megapixel). The benefits of having a high-resolution image are that you can print those images in a large size. 

    4) It should have Image Stabilizations 

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    So there are two types of image stabilization available in a camera 1:00 is optical image stabilization and another one is digital image stabilization. in an optical image, a stabilization camera has separate hardware to stabilize it while recording the video.  

    In another hand, digital civilization is a software feature that stabilizes the video after recording.

    5) Camera Lens Real Use (Focal Length and Aperture)

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    The camera lens is a very vast topic to cover in a few lines. There are two important things to consider while buying a separate lens.  focal length and aperture. Less the aperture is more light will come into the lens and you will get better low-light performance and a better background Blur.  

    The higher the focal length more you can zoom in.  a generic kit lens comes with an 18-55 focal length.

     6) Type of camera available

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    The type of camera is a really important thing to check when buying a camera online.

    ➤ Compact Camera

    compact cameras are very easy to handle and portable and they have fixed lenses attached to them. This type of camera is less expensive and has a decent image quality.

    ➤Semi DSLR

    This type of camera is very good for beginners to learn how to shoot video and take photos.  it comes with a fixed lens But provides better image quality than a compact camera. these cameras are bigger in size and have a higher zooming capability.

     ➤ DSLR 

    It is a perfect camera to have because you can attach different types of lenses with different specifications. although it takes time to learn how to use a DSLR camera as compared to a compact camera and semi DSLR.  

    Professional photographers and videographers use that type of camera in full frame. these type of cameras are more expensive and also you have to spend a lot on the lenses. Take a note of this thing to check when buying a camera.


    ➤ Mirrorless Camera

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera


    Mirrorless cameras are the latest trending camera available in the market. These cameras are more expensive as compared to DSLR because of its size. This type of camera is compact and quick to use with professional image quality. 

    7) Quick Connectivity feature is must

    7 Thing to check when buying a camera

    Also, have to check the connectivity features before you trying to buy a camera.  the latest feature-loaded camera generic comes with Wi-Fi,  NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI Port, external flash option, and 3.5 MM Jack for audio and mobile connectivity features..

    so these are the 7 Thing to check when buying a camera. If there is anything that I missed out in this article then you can comment down below I will include those points in this article very soon. you can share this article with your friends so they can choose a better camera for themself.

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