When you want to do barefoot activities, you may be worried about? Burning from hot surfaces? Soles become dirty?  Slip? Hygiene? Hurt? This Anti-Slip Feet Protection Pad Sticker helps you to solve these concerns. 

Anti-Slip Feet Protection Pad Sticker

Feet Protection Pad Descriptions

This Anti-Slip Feet Protection Pad Sticker will give protection from a burn, hygiene, hurt and provide extra grip to the foot. It is a great product for kids who wants to play on the beach barefoot. This footpad uses high quality hypoallergenic certified adhesive.

It is completely waterproof and suitable while doing water activities or swimming. It is available for all types of foot sizes.

How to use  Feet Protection Pad

  • Your feet soles should be clean properly and no wound before using.
  • Dry the soles of your feet.
  • Tear off adhesive stickers and stick the pads according to the size of your feet.
  • if the size of the pad is too large, you can cut the extra size from the corner.

How it works

  1. Beach - Walk on hot sand freely, protect your feet from hot superficies.
  2. Park - It is suitable for wake anywhere, grass, path, and wet surface.
  3. Pool - no worries about the slip when walking around poolside.
  4. Street - Anti-cutting and resistant to all paving. Protects feet from hurt.
  5. Spa - Forgot your flippers. 
  6. Safe - protect the feet of your kids from verrucas and dangerous slips.
  7. Hygiene - This is a one-time use product, it can work in all weather condition, after tearing off the stick on pads, your feet are clean. 

Size available

  • XS: 170*110mm
  • S: 200*110mm
  • M: 230*110mm
  • L: 250*110mm
  • XL: 270*110mm
  • XXL: 290*110mm