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    Smart Cooler for Mobile Phone

    Smart Cooler for Mobile Phone

    This smart cooler for mobile phones has semi-conductor technology to cool down the temperature in few minutes. It is useful for those who are playing games, doing video recording, and live streaming. When our phones get overheated it starts lagging affects performance and battery life. This mobile cooler can solve this problem and keep your mobile phone at low temperature possible.  

    This mobile smart cooler is compatible with all smartphones and also has RGB lights. It is very compact in size and you can carry it wherever you want. This mobile cooler will increase the efficiency of your mobile and also improve battery life.  More features and specs about this product are listed below.

    Features of Smart Cooler for Mobile Phone 

    1. It uses semi-conductor technology to cool down mobile phones.
    2. This mobile cooler is lightweight (57g) and compatible with all smartphones.
    3. It also has a stylish RGB Lightning effect.
    4. It helps to drop the temperature up to 25 degrees in 25 minutes.
    5. It also has a tripod fixing nut to use as a mobile holder.
    6. Non-slip rubber cushion keeps your phone secure in all conditions.
    7. It is recommended for those who are doing games, live streaming, and video recording.
    8. High fan speed for quick cooling.
    9. It comes with Type-C Power Cable.
    10. You will also get 6 Months Warranty on this product.

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