This touch magnetic lock is very useful for any type of  Drawer and Cabinet. The installation process is very easy. It comes with the strongest adhesive that can stick to both ends. It comes with a 4 lock and one magnetic key. This type of lock will protect your almirahs, cabinet from children. 

Touch Magnetic Lock for Drawer and Cabinet

How Magnetic Lock Work

This cabinet and drawer magnetic lock are quick functional. It also doesn't require any type of battery. When you touch the magnetic key to the side of the lock, then with the help of a magnetic field lock is engaged. 

The indicator beside the lock assures the user when the magnetic lock is properly engaged. For easy disengagement, the locks have a button mechanism as well.

Magnetic Lock for Drawer Unlock Mode

This magnetic lock set comes with a unique and easy option of “unlock mode”. This feature becomes very useful when the user needs frequent access to the drawers, while the babies are around.

Invisible From The Outside

The best part about this lock is that there is no Keyhole visible from the outside of the door. This magnetic lock set comes with a thoughtful design. They can be installed inside the cabinets and drawers, to keep them concealed. Furthermore, it does not spoil the aesthetics of the furniture.

Baby Safe 

This multipurpose safety lockset has been skillfully developed to safeguard curious kids. It provides peace of mind to parents while children are exploring the home.

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