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    18-in-1 Multi-Tool Stainless Steel [snowflake design tool]

    18-in-1 Multi-Tool Stainless Steel

    This multitool has 18 unique functions including bottle opener flat screwdriver and variable wrench size.  It is made up of stainless steel that means it is protected from rust and corrosion. It is very lightweight and compact its size which means you can carry this tool anywhere you want. 

    It can open 7 mm to 16mm nuts easily. It comes with the caring that can be attached to any hook or bag side chain.  it is also useful for bikers and cyclists who can use this tool to tighten all the nuts on the go.  

    18-in-1 Multi-Tool Stainless Steel

    More features and specification about this tool is listed below you can read it carefully before I make any purchase and you can check the latest price from the Amazon website.

    18-in-1 Multi-Tool Features to consider

    • The weight of this Multitool is just 65 grams and just over 2" long.
    • It is easy to be taken along with and carry in your pocket.
    • It has 18 useful functions that can be useful for daily use.
    • It is made up of stainless steel.
    • You can open a bottle and fix your bike within a minute.
    • It has a Wrench of different sizes and a screwdriver.

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