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Best shoes polish machine in India | Automatic | Specs and Price

Automatic Shoes Polish Machine

Now you can polish your shoes without touching anything with the help of this automatic shoes polish machine. It is smartly designed to polish shoes effectively. It equipped with two brushes with two different types of fiber material - Nylon and Cotton thread. The Nylon brush will clean the surface of the shoe before applying wax. 

After that, you can apply wax from the wax container placed at the center of this machine. After this, the user can place the shoes near the Cotton threaded brush to shine the shoes.

 Automatic Shoes Polish Machine Features

  • The machine comes with a wax container placed at the center of the shoe shining machine. 
  • This neutral wax can be applied to shoes of any color. 
  • The user can apply the wax by pressing the shoe against the bottom of the container.
  • The machine is of a metallic construction that stands solid on rubber feet and it is built to last. 
  • The motor is powerful to provide a smooth and quick operation.
  • Having a dimension of L 37.5 X B 21 X H 28 cm. 
  • Its compact size allows it to fit in tight spaces.
  • Featuring a carrying handle on the top, it is also portable.

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