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    Clothesline Nylon Rope with Hooks for clothes (5 Meter Long)

    This is the most advanced clothesline rope that you can install anywhere you want. It comes with a dedicated hook that is very useful for hangers and it is capable to hold heavy clothes. This is a 5-meter long rope made of strong nylon which is indestructible by weather conditions. 

    It also has a stainless steel hook that is corrosion and rust-resistant. This rope is also useful for camping and hiking to dry your clothes quickly. The stainless steel hook on both ends helps you to hang this anywhere with adjustable length.

    Clothesline Nylon Rope with Hooks for clothes

    Clothesline Nylon Rope Features

    • It is Made of Durable Nylon Which Supports The Weight of Hangers and Clothes.
    • Lenght of this Clothesline Nylon Rope is 5 meters.
    • It is Windproof and Anti-Slip Features Prevents Clothes from Falling Off. 
    • Easy to fasten with help of two stainless steel hooks on both sides. 
    • Two Hooks to Fasten to Rods, Bars, or Around Trees, While Camping or Traveling.
    • Portable and foldable, Adjustable length, avoiding the trouble of twisting and knotting.
    • Package Contains 1 Pc Nylon Clothes Line 5m. Random Colors.
    • This clothesline can take adequate weights for wet clothes and sheets without falling or breaking., 
    • able to hang several loads of wash on this without the aid of additional hooks, you can use hangers or clothespins.
    • Stainless steel S-hooks at both ends that hold the clothesline anywhere and adjust the length to suit your needs.

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