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    Self-Heating Warm Jacket For Winters (USB Powered)

    Self Heating Jacket USB Powered

    Now you can enjoy outdoor activity during winter with help of this self-heating warm jacket. It provides efficient heating and keeps you warm for a longer period of time. You can attract any powerbank as a power supply and control the temperature of your jacket by pressing a single button. This jacket gets multiple heating modes which you can select as per requirements.

    This jacket is specially designed with carbon fiber heatng wires that provide instant heat with proper safety. It is suitable for hiking, Sledding, Skiing, Snowboarding, and Skating. This jacket has adjustable straps to perfectly fit all sizes for men and women.

    More detail and specification about this heated jacket is listed below. you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website before it gets sold out.

    Features of Self-Heating Warm Jacket For Winters

    1. This jacket has 5 heating zone in front and back.
    2. The power button can control all heating levels as per your need.
    3. The internal layer is made up of soft fabric that he's to maintain a warm temperature.
    4. You can attach any powerbank to this heating jacket for power supply.
    5. It comes with an adjustable size of 24 combinations for men and women.
    6. This jacket is safe for machine wash and makes sure to remove the powerbank before wash.
    7. It helps to maintain the temperature from 110℉ to 150℉
    8. Suitable for outdoor activity during chilled winters.
    9. This jacket has built-in bamboo carbon fiber heating wires.

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