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    Best Mobile Holder for Car | Air Vent Phone Mount

    Best Mobile Holder for Car  Air Vent Phone Mount

    This mobile holder for a car has a unique shock absorption design, which adapts the smartphone according to its thickness. It holds your mobile phone firmly and protects it from speed bump and shaking. It is made up of Soft silicone pads in the holder's arms and silicone clips protect your smartphone and vent from scratch. It can be installed in any car that comes with AC vents. 360-degree rotation help to set your mobile for the best viewing angle. It is compatible with all Android and IOS smartphones. You can also check the latest price on the Amazon website.

     Air Vent Phone Mount  Features

    • The rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.
    • Made up of strong material which feels premium and solid.
    • It is a unique Shock dampening design.
    • 360 Rotation for a better viewing experience.
    • suitable for 67mm-86mm mobile phones.
    • silicone clips protect your phone from scratches.
    • It is lightweight and more stable.
    • convenient to use Simply pop your phone in and out of the car phone mount.

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