Best Solar car Perfume  Car Fragrance Device

This is the coolest gadget that you can buy for your car. It comes with a small propeller operated by solar energy. That means it will start rotating in the daytime. It comes with high-quality Aroma pads that enhance the Refreshing fragrance inside your car. It comes with a strong adhesive at the bottom that you can use multiple times to adjust the position of this perfume inside your car without harming the dashboard. It comes in different colors that you can choose according to the color of your car interior. 

 Best Solar car Perfume | Car Fragrance Device  Features

  • This distinct car accessory is provided with a solid nano-aroma core.
  • The fragrance is mild, non-irritating, non-alcoholic, and non-toxic.
  • This fragrance uses a solar circuit system to regulate the scent.
  • The base of the car fragrance is integrated with an anti-skid surface.
  • It does not require any battery to operate.
  • This car fragrance diffuser is made of molded plastic material.