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    Smallest Scanner Pen | scan and transfer text to PC

    Smallest Scanner Pen   scan and transfer text to PC

    A perfect device that reads text aloud with multiple languages like English, Spanish or French with a human-like digital voice and you can also transfer text to the computer via USB or memory card. It has a built-in small display to select few settings about text and language preferences. This C pen is very easy to use Simply slide the nib over a word and it instantly displays the definition and reads it aloud. This pen is lightweight and perfect for those who are suffering from dyslexia. More technical specs are listed below.

    Features of Smallest Scanner Pen

    • Rating is 4.2 out of 5 given by 756 users.
    • Hear individual words and lines of text read aloud and it does not require a computer or Wi-Fi to use the reading function.
    • This Scanner Pen has Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the Oxford Primary Dictionary.
    • It is capable of scans in many English accents and languages, 
    • It has an Optionally to scan and transfers text to a computer or laptop.
    • Scanner Pen also has a built-in voice recorder with playback.
    • It can be used directly via USB or you can transfer from the 8GB storage and it does not require any additional storage.
    • Package includes ReaderPen, carry case, USB cable, instruction manual, and earphones.

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