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    Headrest for Car | Perfect Neck Rest for a long car journey

    Headrest for Car  Perfect Car Neck Rest for the long car journey

    This address is perfectly designed to support your neck on both sides during long Highway Journeys. It is made up of a really soft material that feels very comfortable and It can rotate into 180 degrees so you can adjust it according to your height.  When you don't want to use it you can simply lift it up to save space. This is the Perfect Car Neck Rest for a long car journey. 

    This Perfect necklace can be installed in any of the cars that come with an adjustable headrest. It comes with nonbreakable ABS material and questions are made up of high-quality leather Which is breathable and easy to clean.  both sides of the pillow have a memory form that feels really comfortable. More detail and specification about this car gadget is listed below. 

    Features of Headrest for Car

    1. It comes in two colors one is black and the other is beige.
    2. The online rating is 4.5 out of 5.
    3. It is perfect for co-passenger or rear-seat passengers/kids.
    4. It is suitable for almost all car's adjustable headrest.
    5. The support rod of car neck pillows is made of stable and safe ABS material.
    6. Both sides of the pillows are filled with thickened soft memory foam.
    7. The car pillows support 180-degree rotation for a variety of heights.
    8. When you don’t need it, just lift them up to save space. 
    9. Rear passengers can take a quick nap during long highway drives.
    10. it provides comfortable head support for the kids when falling asleep in the car

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