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Anti-Touch Device for door handle & Switches

Anti-Touch Device for door handle & Switches

During this situation in the world, We suggest avoiding directly touch like door handles, Lift button and doorbells. This Anti-Touch Device for door handles & Switches can help you do these tasks without touching. It has a form that sanitizes the device contact point after every use. 

It is compact, lightweight, and safe to use. This Anti-Touch Device has a folding mechanism so the touchpoint on the gadget is not exposed after usage. Easy and affordable device to avoid any infection or viruses. More features and specs about this product are listed below.

Features of Anti-Touch Device 

  1. It is suitable for using lift buttons, door handles, and doorbells, etc.
  2. Made using high-quality ABS plastic.
  3. You have to apply some sanitizer on the form placed in the device.
  4. Safe to store in your pocket and lightweight.
  5. The touchpoint is always close after usage and gets sanitized by form.
  6. Used in lifts, offices, to open doors, press buttons while taking out cash at ATM.
  7. It helps to Carry plastic bags from the supermarket.
  8. Perfect device to open drawers, fridge.
  9. An outdoor activity like hold Metro/Train/Bus handles.
  10. anti-touch operate Switches, Doorbells.

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