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Finger Protector Tool - Kitchen Gadgets

Finger Protector Tool - Kitchen Gadgets

This Finger Protector Tool can prevent any unwanted cuts while slicing or dicing vegetables. It protects all the fingers and holds the vegetable in its place to increase efficiency and speed. This finger protector tool is made up of stainless steel that means it is rust and corrosion-free.  

In restaurants, all the chefs are using these types of tools to protect themselves from any type of injuries.  If safety is your number one priority then you should have this tool in your kitchen right away.  You can also consider a few features listed below.

Finger Protector Tool Features

  1. This tool is made up of stainless steel materials.
  2. It is rust and corrosion-free.
  3. This tool provides complete protection to your hand.
  4. Use this tool while slicing and dicing.
  5. The size of the ring is adjustable for all fitments.
  6. This is made in Indian products.
  7. Dimensions are 27 x 17.5 x 6 cm.

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