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    HD Windshield Car Driving Visor - Day and Night Vision

    HD Windshield Car Driving Visor

    This HD Windshield Visor for Car helps our eyes to see better on the Sunny day and during the night. It provides two sun-protective transparent visons for day and night usage. It Prevents glare and allows you to see more clearly during the day and night. The yellow side of the anti-glare visor is intended for use at night. Reduce the high beam when driving at night. More comfort and safety. It comes with a clip mechanism that can be installed in any car. more features and specs are listed below.

    HD Windshield Car Driving Visor Features

    1. Easy to install on the sun visor of any car/SUV.
    2. It comes with 2 glare protect day and night.
    3. This HD vision windshield reduces harsh headlight glare at night.
    4. Reduces reflections from the sun during the daytime.
    5. At different levels of effective anti-dazzle degree Eyes comfort
    6. Relieve eye fatigue
    7. Visor sizes 32 * 12 cm And Clip adjustable sizes 15-22 cm. 
    8. A block yellow night visor hides the car lights when driving at night. 
    9. The grey sun visor blocks sunlight during the day.

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