Hydro Generator: Free Electricity from Water 12V 10W

Hydro Generator Free Electricity from Water 12V 10W

This Small Free Electricity Hydro Generator can convert potential energy into electrical energy with the help of water flow. It can be used to charge batteries, Mobile and supply power to LED lights. It can be attached to any hose pipe with high water flow. 

This HYDRO GENERATOR is made up of high quality and it has a size of 20mm outer diameter and 13 mm inner. You can also use it for your science project. It is also available in different capacities 80V/12V/5V Generator. You can buy according to your requirements. More features and detailed specifications about this Hydro Generator are listed below.

Features of Hydro Generator

  1. The maximum output is 12V
  2. Start water pressure: 0.05Mpa
  3. The mechanical noise:≤55dB
  4. Generator single volume: 90g
  5. The life of the generator:≥3000h
  6. Strong and anti-corrosion material
  7. The weight of the product is 90 grams.
  8. Work Perfectly with high water flow.

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