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Lint & Hair Filter Bag for Washing Machine

Lint & Hair Filter  Bag for Washing Machine

If you really care about your clothes then you should have this Lint & Hair Filter  Bag for Washing Machine. It can collect all Dust, Hair, and Lint from the clothes. This filter bag is washable and reusable. It is recommended for woolen and cotton clothes. People are also using this in public laundries. It is an easy-to-use and value-for-money product for your home. You will be surprised and happy to see its result and likely to use it in every wash. It can be used in every type of washing machine like Front Load, Top load, Semi, and fully automatic. More features and specs are listed below. 

Lint & Hair Filter  Bag Features to consider

  1. This gadget is useful to collect all Lint, mesh, and hair while washing clothes.
  2. It will make your clothes look fresh and lint-free.
  3. This is made up of good quality ABS material and mesh filter net.
  4. Suitable for both automatic washing machines and semi-automatic. 
  5. convenient to use and will not damage clothes.
  6. It collects excess hair and lint while washing clothes.

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