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    Wind Power LED Light for Car

    Wind Power LED Light for Car

    This is a wind power LED light that can be attached to any car With the help of strong adhesive tape it comes with.  This DRL light does not require any type of electricity instead it takes power from the propeller that rotates with the help of the Wind. It looks really cool and your car also is more visible on the road and that will enhance safety at night.  feature and specification about this wind power LED light is listed below.

    Features of Wind Power LED Light for Car 

    1. This DRL is made of 8 high-brightness LED lights.
    2. The fog lamps for the car is waterproof.
    3. energy saving and long life of service.
    4. It has a compact structure and lightweight.
    5. it can be adjusted according to installation needs.
    6. With a strong double-sided adhesive design, it is easy to install.
    7. The LED fog light will improve safety while driving.
    8. With wind power generation when driving, the speed reaches 30 hp, 
    9. LED will light up without wire and battery.

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