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    Wireless High-Pressure washer for Cars and Bikes

    This is a wireless high-pressure washer for cars and bikes that comes with a dedicated battery to use anywhere without electricity. It comes with two 24V rechargeable batteries that last up to 60 minutes of continuous usage.

    Wireless High-Pressure washer for Cars and Bikes

    This device will take approx 3 hours to complete charge. It also has an adjustable nozzle that you can fix from 0 degrees to 240 degrees according to the water pressure requirement. In the package, you will get a forming container, charger, filter, carrying case, and a 5-meter-long hose pipe to collect water directly.

    This high-pressure Car washer is made up of good quality material and a high-efficiency stainless steel filter that enhances its durability. You can collect the water directly from the bucket, swimming pool, or any other water resource to wash your car, bike, scooter, cycle, SUV, and pickup truck. More feature and specifications about this wireless car washer is listed below to consider.

    Wireless High-Pressure Car Washer Features

    1. This is a Wireless Portable Washer for the car.
    2. It generates Pressure up to 30 bar (435psi).
    3. It takes less Water to provide Better cleaning as compared to a normal hose pipe.
    4. 24V lithium battery provides good battery backup.
    5. This is Lightweight and compact and easy to use anywhere.
    6. Come with a 5M long pipe to collect water from anywhere.
    7. This washer comes with a foaming pot for convenient washing.
    8. It has an adjustable nozzle for a better wash to spread the water.
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