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Best Voltage Tester with Sensor & LED Light

Best Voltage Tester with Sensor & LED Light

Now you can detect the voltage of the wire without any contact, with the help of this voltage tester.  It comes with a sensor and LED light for indication. This test is capable to detect the voltage from 90 to 1000 volt.  It is made up of a high-quality abs material, lightweight, and easy to carry in your pocket. This tester gives you an indication of when it detects any type of high voltage or radiation. Every electrician and maintenance engineer should have this in their pocket always. ​more featured in the specification about this voltage tester is listed below.

Features of Voltage Tester

  1. Detect AC Voltage of earth wire and live wire of 90-1000V without contact.
  2. It also alerts you of high-intensity radiation.
  3. This Tester is Safe, Reliable, and approved by CE.
  4. Tester gives red light and Beep sound when the high voltage detected.
  5. It has an auto-off feature to save battery.
  6. It is lightweight and convenient to use.
  7. Voltage Tester comes with a pocket clip.
  8. It is made up of high-quality ABS Material.
  9. The weight of the product is 35 grams

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