Car Door Warning Lights - Car Gadgets

Car Door Warning Lights - Car Gadgets

This car door warning light is really helpful at night to avoid any accidents or collisions due to the open door. This car gadget is easy to install and does not require any cutting or wiring. It comes with a built-in battery that provides a good backup for many months. 

This warning light gadget is completely waterproof and made up of good quality material. Each piece contains 5 sets of bright red LEDs, that can be easily visible from distance. It can be installed in any hatchback, SUV, and pickup truck. This car gadget has 3 modes of flashing: Rapid Flashing, Sequential flashing, and Slow Swirl Flashing.

If you are driving a car more frequently at night. Then you must have this Car Door Warning Lights Gadget installed. More features and specifications are listed below to consider.

Features of Car Door Warning Lights

  1. It comes with a pre-installed battery 3V CR2.
  2. Perfectly fit for all cars, SUVs, and trucks.
  3. Easy to install without any wiring.
  4. LED will start flashing when you open the door.
  5. It works on IR chip program control.
  6. This gadget comes in 2pairs of 4pcs.
  7. This is a completely Waterproof product.
  8. Each light has a built-in 5 red LED.
  9. It has 3 modes of flashing you can choose from.
  10. Online rating is 3.4 out of 5

Our Review: Yes you can buy this product. It has good reviews, ratings and prices are also reasonable.

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