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    Car Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft & Self Protection

    Car Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft & Self Protection

    Now you can protect your car from theft with the help of this Steering Wheel lock.  It is made up of a high-quality alloy that is strong and lightweight. It locks your Steering Wheel in one place so that it is difficult to move your vehicle forward or backward. This Steering Wheel Lock comes with two sets of keys to lock and unlock this device.  you can also use it as a safety tool just in case of emergency. More feature and specification about this gadget is listed below.

    Car Steering Wheel Lock Features to consider

    1. This steering wheel lock is made of premium quality alloy.
    2. Easy to operate and simple to lock and unlock.
    3. This steering lock is universal for all cars, vans, and SUVs.
    4. It also used as Self Protection in case of emergency.
    5. It comes with 2 sets of keys.
    6. It is durable and covered with foam to protect from scratching.

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