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    Foldable Sunglasses 100% UV protection

    Foldable Sunglasses 100% UV protection

    This foldable sunglass is 100% UV protected and comes with a unique foldable mechanism so that you can carry it in your pocket whenever you want and can be hung easily on the car vanity mirror.  It is lightweight, comfortable, and made up of a durable plastic frame.  This foldable sunglass is suitable for both men and women.  The black color polycarbonate lens provides a great visible the with less distortion. More features and specifications about this foldable sunglass are listed below. 

    Foldable Sunglasses Features to consider

    1. Easy to fold and carry in your pocket.
    2. This Foldable Sunglass is 100% UV protected.
    3. Red-colored frame with Red temple
    4. It has a durable plastic frame. 
    5. Black colored Polycarbonate lens.
    6. It is perfect for Men and Women.
    7. Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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