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    Improve Car Exhaust Sound

    Improve Car Exhaust Sound

    Now you can make your car sounds like a supercar with help of this car exhaust whistle. It can be attached to any car silencer, This device works without any wire installation and produces turbo sound like supercars. It is made up of high-quality metal which is rust and corrosion-free. Very convenient and easy to install by anyone. It can be used on both stocks or aftermarket exhaust systems. more features and installation process is given below.

    Complete installation process 

    1. Loose the Screw on the device.
    2. Place the device Inside The Exhaust Muffler of the car.
    3. Make sure the larger opening facing Inside of the muffler,
    4. At last, you have to tighten the nut completely. 
    5. So It Doesn't Fall Off While Driving. 

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