Mini Foldable Electric Kettle 600ml

This Mini Foldable Electric Kettle is perfect for traveling, camping, office, and staying at hotels. You can use this to boil water, make tea and coffee. It has a folding mechanism to carry easily in your backpack. This kettle has 600ml of capacity and made up of high-grade stainless steel + food-grade silicone material. It is a reliable, durable, and long-lasting product. more features and specifications about this Mini Foldable Electric Kettle are listed below.

Features of Mini Foldable Electric Kettle 

  1. It is made up of stainless steel + food-grade silicone material.
  2. This electric kettle is durable and reliable. 
  3. Foldable design help to save space in your package.
  4. It comes with a 600ml capacity.
  5. This is suitable for hostlers, Travellers, and staying at the hotel.
  6. It is simple and convenient to use.
  7. Max height is 7.1 inches
  8. MIn height is 4.8 inches.