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Safety Plug for Electric Socket

Safety Electrical Socket Plug Cover Guards

This  Safety Plug for Electric Socket will help to protect your kids from any type of electric shock accidentally. You can apply this safety plug to every electric socket in your house. It is easy to install and remove by the adults but very difficult for kids to remove. This safety socket is made up of fire resistance abs material and 100% BPA-free.  If you have kids in your house then this is a must-have home gadget for you.  more detailed specification and features about this gadget is listed below

Features of  Safety Plug for Electric Socket 

  1. Protects Kids and babies from shock.
  2. Preventing them to touch electrical sockets.
  3. Quick and Easy installation.
  4. Difficult for the baby to remove.
  5. With a standard size that fits most sockets.
  6. It can easily be used at all-electric sockets
  7. Made up of fire-resistant ABS material, 
  8. 100% BPA free and shockproof

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