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    Silicone TV Remote Cover: Dustproof

    Silicone TV Remote Cover Dustproof

    TV remote control is a thing that we use on a daily basis and smart TV remotes are much more expensive as compared to regular ones. so, this silicone case can protect the TV remote from any type of dust and shock. It is stretchable and easy to install on any type of remote available in the market from the different brands.  This silicone case is eco-friendly and safe for humans. 

    It can also be used for AC remotes If it has similar dimensions as listed below. There are many benefits of having this silicone case cover for your TV remote and some are listed below.

    Features of Silicone TV Remote Cover

    1. Size and dimensions are: 6.29 x 2.36inch
    2. It is made up of Silicone Material.
    3. It protects the remote from dust and wet hands.
    4. Protect remote from damage.
    5. Transparent Cover to see buttons clearly.
    6. Infrared Hole for better range.
    7. Stretchable design to fit easily.
    8. Highly durable and Long Life.

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