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    Best Line Follower Robot with 8 Unique Features for kids.

    Best Line Follower Robot with 8 Unique Features for kids.

    The Line Follower Robot has a unique feature to follow the given path on a smooth surface. It is also able to solve the maze by itself which is included in the package. You can also create your own path with help of black tape or black marker and if we draw a black circle then it will walk inside it. This line follower robot can record your voice and playback it with a robotic tone. 

    You can also control this robot with a mobile app that you can download from the play store for free. It can do 6 types of dance moves and you can move it in any direction with a mobile app controller. more features and specs are listed below.

    Features of Line Follower Robot 

    1) Maze Breaker

    This line follower robot is capable to solve any maze draw by black marker or created with black tape. You will also get a maze pattern in the package. It has built-in Adreno sensors that detect lines and prevent any type of collision.

    2) Voice Record and playback

    This robot has the feature of recording your voice and convert it into robotic sound.  It also shows different moves by the clap of your hands. You can also explore more features by installing its app on your mobile phone.

    3)  Line Follower robot 

    This robot has a special sensor that detects lines created by a dark marker or black tape.  you can place the robot on the line and it will start following it till the end.  You can also create different types of loops and different patterns according to your style. 

    4)  Mobile app control

    This robot comes with a mobile app that you can download on your Android mobile phone. The app can be used to control this robot in all directions and you can also use different types of dancing modes and many other fun activities. The mobile app is compatible with most android iOS:8.0 or above.

    5) Compact and lightweight 

    The weight of this robot is only 290 grams and it is very compact and lightweight. Play Time: Approx 45 mins. Required 2 AAA batteries ( not included). Available in 3 color variants. Instruction manual included.

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